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Oct 21, 2020

Finding the right moisturiser for your skin type can require a little trial and error. From oily or dry to combination and mature — with so many different skin types, it can be hard to find the perfect face cream for you.

While everyone’s skin is different, there are some ingredients and properties you can keep an eye out for when buying your next moisturiser based on skin type.


Dry skin-types often require a bit more attention when it comes to moisturising to avoid textured skin and flaky patches. However, not every moisturiser is designed to work for dehydrated skin, especially when you're experiencing dryness during the colder, winter months. If you’re searching for the perfect moisturiser to combat your dry, scaly skin — we have a few tips for you.

  • Your skin is thirsty, so give it something hydrating, nourishing and rich.
  • Look for a cream that’s jam-packed with omega 3s, antioxidants and fatty acids to guard against dry, red itchy skin.

For dry skin, we recommend our hydrating moisturiser, infused with cell-renewing botanicals and herbs such as antioxidant protectant, ginkgo bilbo and natural hydrator, gotu kola.


When people recognise they have oily skin, they often jump to the conclusion that an oil-free moisturiser is the only solution — but that’s just not the case. What’s really happening here is that your skin is actually lacking oil, and it's working hard to overcompensate for what’s missing. While it can be frustrating, using skincare products that strip away oils definitely won’t fix the problem. Instead you should search for a moisturising product that can balance everything out.

  • While an ultra-hydrating cream may not be the best choice, finding a lightweight cream can help ensure non-greasy hydration.
  • Consider a double action approach, which involves applying a clarifying mask to control excess sebum, and then following up with a moisturiser designed to restore and strengthen the skin after.

Consider the approach that stripping away the oils on your face is not necessarily a great option;  instead give your oily skin the perfect balance of hydration it needs. Our non-greasy, fast-absorbing clarifying moisturiser works lightly to tone your skin, while at the same time leaving it soft and supple.


Combination can be a tricky one to treat as it not only varies on your own skin, but also from person to person. If your skin has both oily and dry patches, having the right moisturiser is your secret weapon to help balance combination skin.

  • Choose a neutral, multi-tasking cream that delivers optimal moisture retention, without over-saturating your skin.
  • Natural ingredients and essential oils are effective in re-hydrating dry areas while at the same time drawing out toxins. 

Combination skin may require a combination of products. For days when you’re feeling oily, try our clarifying moisturiser — willow bark works as a natural AHA to clear out the nasties, while burdock root hydrates your skin, leaving it plump and glowy. If you’re in need of hydration, especially during the colder months, look to our hydrating moisturiser to retain moisture.  


While ageing is 100% natural, there’s nothing wrong with reclaiming your radiance and finding formulas that help diminish fine lines and wrinkles for a younger looking glow. When it comes to picking moisturisers for mature skin, choosing skin care with advanced active ingredients can help fight early signs of ageing.

  • Stick to moisturisers that are hydrating and restorative. UV rays can be incredibly damaging on the skin, so it’s important to revitalise and refresh mature skin, especially after sun.
  • You’ll also want to use a cream that helps to firm, forming collagen and skin tissue that helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity.

Our hydrating moisturiser is a delight for mature skin, combining anti-ageing botanical gotu kola to boost circulation and eliminate wrinkles with the Vitamin C rich kakadu plum to target inflamed areas, dark circles and puffiness.


If you're ever in doubt of which product is best suited for your skin type, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at or DM us on Instagram @nakedklay. We’d love to hear from you!