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[The Naked Truth]

Naked Klay is a skin care range developed by Mother and Daughter duo, Danielle and Pamela. Combining their passions for Chinese medicine, cosmetic chemistry and beauty, they created a range of herb-based skincare that focuses on balance and harmony. Through the use of ancient medicinal herbs, the range emphasises on the balance of yin and yang to support the effective flow of Qi throughout the body. Our philosophy is to find the right balance between raw ingredients and the science necessary to ensure our products work effectively.

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Our platform to empower you

We started the [NK] range a platform to empower you to feel comfortable and at your best in your raw, naked skin. Our message is beauty is not defined and we are all beautiful in our own individual way. Our goal as advanced Cosmetic Formulators is to bring you advanced formulations and quality ingredients that balance and repair the skin.


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Our Sponsorship with Shikodō

Shikodō is a not-for profit organisation on a mission to empower people to discover their highest potential and deepest aspirations in life. Using an innovative coaching and thinking framework named the Cloud Thinking Method TM, they guide people step by step to tap into their own psychological strengths, rethink the way they think, take the innovative steps to actions leading to life-changing outcomes. 

Both Shikodō and Naked Klay share the vision to empower their customers and clients to glow from within, whether via their natural beauty or mental capacities. Together we can run events to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance, giving the audience practical tools to gain confidence and positive thinking. 

$1 from every purchase made with Naked Klay will be directly donated to the Shikodō organisation.

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How to determine your skin type

Dry, oily or somewhere in the middle? Understanding your skin type is one of the most important steps in caring for your skin — but why? By identifying your skin type, you’re able to determine which products you need and develop a comprehensive skincare routine that includes all the essentials. Treating the wrong skin type can lead to irritation, breakouts and premature ageing, but not to worry — working out your skin type is much easier than it seems. 

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Embracing Spring Renewal

Embracing Spring Renewal

TCM Insights on Skin Allergies and the Healing Power of Gotu Kola As we welcome the vibrant blossoms and warmer days of spring, our skin, like t...

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