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Dry, oily or somewhere in the middle? Understanding your skin type is one of the most important steps in caring for your skin — but why? By identifying your skin type, you’re able to determine which products you need and develop a comprehensive skincare routine that includes all the essentials. Treating the wrong skin type can lead to irritation, breakouts and premature ageing, but not to worry — working out your skin type is much easier than it seems.

To determine your skin type firstly wash your skin the night before and don’t use any additional skin care products. When you wake up in the morning firstly touch your skin in the T- zone (forehead, chin and nose) then feel around your c – zone (the outer area of your face). You can also do this technique when you’re freshly out of the shower and your face has been rinsed with water and towel-pat dried.

DRY: Little to no oil.

COMBINATION: Oily in areas, dry in areas.

OILY: Oily all over.

Note that your skin type is determined by internal factors such as hormones and genetics. In Chinese Medicine, imbalances in our body often manifest themselves as skin conditions/disorders including excessive dryness, problematic skin and premature ageing. 

Our Skin Teas were formulated to assist in restoring balance in the body. Beauty starts from within; when the body is in balance it shows outwardly through radiant, healthy skin. Each tea is naturopath formulated with 100% organic ingredients. Each medicinal herb has been carefully chosen to aid in what's happening internally that is causing specific skin conditions.  


  • Matte, dull complexion
  • Face can feel tight throughout the day
  • Flakiness
  • Small/ invisible pores
  • Makeup can look patchy on certain areas as it clings to the dry areas
  • Fine lines may be more visible at a younger age
  • Less likely to suffer from acne and skin congestion
For drier skin types, we recommend using our Hydration Bundle and our Dry Skin Tea. 


  • Most likely oily in the T-zone and dryer on the cheeks
  • Medium sized pores in the T-zone
  • Prone to blemishes in certain areas
  • Makeup tends to stick to the dryer areas and slips around the oiler areas

For combination skin types we recommend using multi-masking with our double action 2 in 1 masks. The Hydrating Exfoliating Mask for drier, dull areas or where fine lines are present and the Detoxifying Exfoliating Mask - Charcoal Clay for acne/ excess sebum prone areas or where you feel your face needs a thorough detox. We recommend combining this with our Clarifying Moisturiser which also comes in our Detox-Clarify Bundle which includes both the Detoxifying Exfoliating Mask - Charcoal Clay and Clarifying Moisturiser. 

If you're looking for a Skin Tea, this is where determining your skin type by washing your face the night before and checking it in the morning is really helpful.

Was your skin initially dry when you tried this technique? If your skin became oily during the day this could mean your skin is extremely dry and your skin is trying to overcompensate for the dryness by producing more oils. If you think this is the case your skin may often feel really dehydrated. We would highly recommend the Dry Skin Tea to help restore balance. 

Alternatively, your skin could also be quite normal with an oily T-zone. If this sounds like you we would recommend the Oily Skin Tea to help restore balance. 


  • Most likely to have “shiny’ looking skin
  • Medium/ large pores
  • Prone to breakouts/ acne/ blemishes
  • Makeup slips easily
For oiler skin types we recommend using our  Detox-Clarify Bundle which includes both the  Detoxifying Exfoliating Mask - Charcoal Clay  and Clarifying Moisturiser.




  • No visible blemishes, greasy areas or flaky patches.
  • Well-balanced, neither too oily or too dry.
  • Smooth texture
  • Radiant complexion
  • Fine pores
For normal skin types we say take your pick! In drier seasons of the year you may like to pamper yourself in our Hydration Bundle and in warmer seasons you may like indulge in our Detox-Clarify Bundle bundle. Find out more about multi-masking and moisturisers for different skin types with our blogs: Our Best Selling Pink Clay Mask | NK Skin Care
Looking for a Skin Tea? We recommend the Anti-ageing Skin Tea! Even if you haven't started ageing, this tea is packed with essential antioxidants and medicinal herbs to assist with healthy, glowing skin. We always recommend addressing ageing before it begins too! Whether you are in your early 20's or mid 60's the Anti-Ageing Tea is an excellent option. 

Moisturisers to suit specific skin types | NK Skin Care

Note: Sensitivity and redness is a skin condition. The skin will react easily to external aggressors. Skin care can help alleviate the appearance/ symptoms of skin conditions however should be chosen carefully. Naked Klay’s products are all natural and gentle on the skin. We always recommend to avoid harsh scrubbing whilst using any of our masks, however all products can be used on sensitive skin types. We recommend doing a patch test before use.