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Embracing Spring Renewal

Sep 04, 2023

TCM Insights on Skin Allergies and the Healing Power of Gotu Kola

As we welcome the vibrant blossoms and warmer days of spring, our skin, like the seasons, undergoes a transformation. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is associated with the Wood element, symbolizing renewal and growth. However, this change can also bring about some challenges, especially for those prone to allergies. Let's delve into how TCM views these changes and the remarkable healing properties of Gotu Kola herb in relation to spring allergies.

The Spring Transition According to TCM

In TCM, each season is believed to influence our body's energy and balance. Spring, with its energy rising like new sprouts, can trigger allergies for some individuals. This is because the Liver and Gallbladder are the associated organs for spring, and their imbalance can lead to skin irritations, congestion, and allergies.

Gotu Kola: Nature's Healing Gem

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), also known as "the herb of longevity," has been revered for centuries in various traditional healing practices. Its impressive array of benefits makes it a sought-after ingredient in skincare. Gotu Kola is rich in triterpenoids, compounds that aid in collagen synthesis, promoting skin healing, and preventing scarring.

Gotu Kola and Allergy Relief

Gotu Kola's anti-inflammatory properties can provide much-needed relief during allergy-prone seasons. It helps calm skin irritations caused by allergies, soothing redness and itching. Additionally, Gotu Kola's ability to enhance collagen production supports the skin's natural healing process, addressing any potential damage from allergies.

Discover Gotu Kola in Naked Klay Skincare Range

At Naked Klay, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to promote skin health. Both our Hydration Bundle and Detox-Clarify Bundle which includes our hero clay masks and moisturisers are enriched with Gotu Kola to help address skin concerns associated with allergies. By including Gotu Kola in our formulas, we aim to provide a natural solution for allergy-prone skin during the spring season.

Comprehensive Allergy Relief with Marrubium Vulgare

In addition to Gotu Kola, our skincare range features Marrubium Vulgare, derived from the Marrubium herb. This powerful ingredient assists in calming skin irritations and strengthens the skin's natural defence against external aggressors. Marrubium Vulgare's anti-pollution and antioxidant properties offer comprehensive allergy relief, especially when skin is vulnerable during seasonal transitions. Find this both the Expose – Balancing Serum and Naked – Anti-Ageing Serum along with our Beauty – Empress Facial Oil.

Experience Spring Renewal with Naked Klay

As we embrace the renewal of spring, remember that your skin deserves to bloom too. Naked Klay invites you to experience the soothing power of nature's remedies with powerful herbs Gotu Kola and Marrubium Vulgare. Enjoy the beauty of the season while nurturing your skin's well-being.

Disclaimer: Always perform a patch test before using new skincare products, especially if you have known allergies or sensitivities. If allergies are severe, consult a doctor for personalized advice.