Australia's first Skin Tea targeted to a specific skin type. Inspired by Chinese Medicine, this tea blend targets what's happening internally from a Chinese Medicine perspective that causes acne/ breakouts and excess oil. Each medicinal herb is chosen for the purpose of treating these internal issues.

Beauty starts from within! When the body is in balance it shows outwardly through radiant, healthy skin. Imbalances in our body often manifest themselves as skin disorders such as problematic skin. This tea blend is rich in antioxidants and herbs that may assist in restoring balance and improve the skins clarity leading to smooth, glowing skin.

Our Skin Teas are hand blended:

• Using 100% certified organic ingredients

• Naturopath Certified

• Free from any artificial colours and flavours

Where there is balance there is beauty, meaning where there is balance in harmony in all aspects in your life, beauty will arise; including your skin. A healthy diet/ healthy decisions will bring out the best in your skin. Our skin teas can help you on this journey.

100% Organic Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Green Tea, Burdock Root, Jasmine Green Tea, Licorice Root and Rose Petal.

To manage oily skin, one must first identify the root cause.  

Imbalances between Yin and Yang can manifest as various health issues, including oily skin.

Dampness and damp heat are TCM concepts related to excess moisture and heat in the body. When the body's Yin and Yang energies are imbalanced, and there is an excess of dampness or damp heat, it can manifest as oily skin. This imbalance may be caused by factors such as diet, lifestyle, emotions, or environmental influences.

  • Raspberry Leaf - Traditionally used to clear heat and promote detoxification, it may help balance excessive heat in the body that contributes to oily skin.
  • Green Tea - Known for its antioxidant properties, green tea helps to remove toxins and reduce inflammation, which can help manage oily skin.
  • Burdock Root - An Ancient ‘Route’ to flawless hair, skin and health. Helps to detoxify the body, clear heat, and eliminate dampness, which may aid in balancing oily skin.
  • Jasmine Green Tea - Combines the benefits of green tea and the aromatic qualities of jasmine flowers. It can help regulate sebum production and reduce oiliness.
  • Licorice Root - Has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to harmonize the body's energy. It may aid in balancing oily skin caused by internal imbalances.
  • Rose Petal - Traditionally used to cool the body and harmonize its energies, rose petals can help balance excess heat and moisture.

Kick off and finish your daily rituals by looking after your insides in order to help bring out the best in your naked skin.

Remember we are all born different and that’s what makes us so beautiful. Be kind to yourself.

    1-2 Teaspoons per cup. Boil water to 80ºC/176ºF. Brew tea for 1-3 mins. For optimal results drink 1 cup everyday AM/PM.  CONTAINS LIQUORICE- If you suffer from hypertension, avoid excessive consumption.
    If you are pregnant, lactating or taking medication consult a health professional prior to use.


    Yes, Naked Klay is 100% Australian Owned and all our products are manufactured in Australia excluding facial massage tools and brushes.
    We love our furry friends; Naked Klay’s products are never tested on animals and are always cruelty free.
    Naked Klay’s 2 in 1 Exfoliating Mask – Charcoal Clay and Clarifying Moisturiser are free of any animal components and are classified as VEGAN. However, our 2 in 1 Exfoliating Mask – Pink Clay and Hydrating Moisturiser do contain Beeswax. We do not use any other animal components or by-products other than Beeswax.
    Firstly congratulations! Naked Klay always recommends consulting with your health professional prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications.
    Yes. Naked Klay only use natural essential oils to scent our products and NEVER use artificial or synthetic fragrance. This follows our belief of only using the rawest ingredients to create our most natural formulas to exposed your Naked Beauty.
    Beeswax has many skin-benefiting properties that Naked Klay believe can address many skin concerns such as dry and dehydrated skin. It is used in our hydrating collection. Beeswax contains a natural source of Vitamin A which promotes hydration and softening as well as stimulates cell repair. It creates a long-lasting barrier that locks in moisture into the skin and seals in other ingredients, yet still allows it to breathe. It also nourishes and softens our skin whilst keeping it protected from our harsh environments.

    Skin Concerns

    Click here to determine your skin type based on the common characteristics and shop our products accordingly.
    Our 2 in 1 Exfoliating Mask – Charcoal Clay can be used in combination with our Clarifying Moisturiser. Our natural Charcoal Clay mask gives your skin a thorough clean by drawing out any nasties including toxins and environmental pollutants that clog up the pores, whilst cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin. It is also formulated to help balance and control oil production, whilst leaving your skin feeling hydrated. Our natural Clarifying Moisturiser is formulated to balance and control oil production, whilst also keeping the skin nourished and hydrated. It will also help to protect the skin against any further harmful environmental toxins to achieve a clearer, smoother complexion. We recommend avoiding physical exfoliation around acne prone areas, especially if it is severe. Harsh scrubbing may irritate the skin. Instead, we recommend leaving the mask on for the directed amount of time and washing it off gently, only exfoliating in non-acne-prone areas. To find out more about these products and our core ingredients shop our Detox-Clarify Bundle.
    Our 2 in 1 Hydrating Exfoliating Mask – Pink Clay can be used in combination with our Hydrating Moisturiser. Our natural Pink Clay mask gently buffs the skin, stimulating and removing dead skin cells to reveal a healthy, radiant glow. Intense hydration is delivered by our luxurious ingredients of restorative ancient herbs, essential fatty acids and oils, antioxidants and botanical extracts; this mask is a superfood for your face! Our natural Hydrating Moisturiser is also formulated with rich restorative ancient herbs, essential fatty acids and oils, antioxidants and botanical extracts to boost the skins moisture content and deeply hydrate and plump the skin, also evening out skin texture. To find out more about these products and our core ingredients shop our Hydrating Bundle.
    Our ingredients are sourced naturally and are carefully picked and all products are free of any nasties, however everyone’s skin can react different and can be sensitive to even the most natural ingredients. It is always recommended that you do a small patch fist and/or consulting with your healthcare professional prior to use.
    Our ingredients are sourced naturally and all products are free of any nasties and are made to nourish the skin. However if you suffer from either eczema or rosacea, we would always recommend doing a patch first and/or consulting with your healthcare professional prior to use.
    All questions regarding our products can be emailed to us at! Our friendly staff will assist you as soon as possible.

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