Naked Klay is a natural & organic skin care range developed by Mother and Daughter duo, Danielle and Pamela. Combining their passions for Chinese medicine, cosmetic chemistry and beauty, they created a range of herb-based skincare that focuses on balance and harmony. Inspired by the practice of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the range emphasises on the balance of yin and yang to support the effective flow of Qi throughout the body. Our philosophy is to find the right balance between raw ingredients and the science necessary to ensure our products work effectively.

 Being the Founders and Chemists behind NK, Danielle and Pamela’s expertise lie in advanced cosmetic formulations. Our passions lie in ancient herbal medicine and beauty with Danielle having a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pamela being in the beauty industry for over 6 years.

"My initial mission was to create a skincare range that improved my skin. I suffered severe teenage acne leading into adult acne. Due to bulling at school, I suffered severe mental health issues. I picked away at my pimples hoping they would go away which only made my skin worse leading to scaring. This lead me to do they only thing I knew how... after trying so much skincare, I opted to cover up my skin the best I could with thick caked on makeup. For over 20 years I never showed my bare skin to anyone, not even my daughter or husband. It wasn't until we created Naked Klay that I showed my bare skin for  the very first time as my skin finally cleared. Our skincare helped with the scaring and overall it has looked the best it ever has. I finally feel comfortable in my own naked skin."~ Danielle


So what is Qi?

Qi has been translated as "life force”, "vital energy", or “Breath”. 

Qi can even be material matter. The ancient Chinese believed that everything in the Universe is made up of Qi energy, including you. In pathology, when Qi flow slows and stagnates (stops flowing), lumps, masses, tumours and more can appear. In skincare, stagnated Qi can be responsible for anything from inflammation, acne, eczema, rosacea and other skin conditions. At Naked Klay we focus on ways to promote and maintain the flow of Qi through carefully selecting ingredients vital to improve and enhance your skin health. In addition to Qi, TMC is based on the balance of Yin and Yang. 

The Naked Klay Balance

Chinese herbs are often used in combination with many herbs, and these herb blends are considered to have a powerful action when combined together. At Naked Klay we have combined our knowledge with Traditional Chinese herbs and modern science to create a skincare range targeting your skin concerns. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the view that all symptoms are related and the body is interconnected. For example, acne could be related to diet, stress, emotion or other factors. These lifestyle imbalances can cause all health complaints. Therefore in relation to skincare it’s not only vital to look after the largest organ of our body “our skin” it’s equally vital to be mindful of obtaining a balanced diet, get adequate rest and relaxation, exercise and have a good mental attitude. In Chinese medicine, the mind and body are seen as interrelated therefore cannot be treated separately. What is good for the body is good for the mind, and vice versa. The importance of balancing your Qi energy between yin and yang leads to good emotional and physical health. Therefore, when Qi moves out of balance of excess or deficiency of yin and/or yang this leads to health issues.

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