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Shikodō is a not-for profit organisation on a mission to empower people to discover their highest potential and deepest aspirations in life. Using an innovative coaching and thinking framework named the Cloud Thinking Method TM, they guide people step by step to tap into their own psychological strengths, rethink the way they think, take the innovative steps to actions leading to life-changing outcomes. They believe in facing our challenges and problems though ‘mindset’. It is “how you think” – thus Shikodō’s tagline. Cloud thinking originated from an Eastern Buddhist concept, it is a way of life, a way of thinking. 

Shikodō’s Vision

Shikodo believes that transformation starts from within. Peace, success and happiness are not decided by external circumstances but rather by our internal conditioning, our own thoughts. By changing our mindset, we can change our life. 

Shikodō’s Mission 

Is to empower people to emerge through their struggles to their highest potential, upskilling them to empower others. Using Cloud Thinking as the framework, Shikodō encourages people to be mindful of their thoughts and their power and start rethinking the way they think.

Shikodō and Naked Klay’s Shared Mission

Both Shikodō and Naked Klay share the vision to empower their customers and clients to glow from within, whether via their natural beauty or mental capacities. Together we can run events to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance, giving the audience practical tools to gain confidence and positive thinking. 

$1 from every purchase made with Naked Klay will be directly donated to the Shikodō organisation. Extra donations can be made at checkout. 

Your donations will help/be used to:

  1. Provide a safe learning hub and facilitator for young internally displaced persons and refugees so that they can develop conflict resolution and peace building skills in war torn South Sudan as well as Uganda.
  2. Support for Disability Coaching in Sydney.
  3. Free mentoring/training and services for those in need globally.  

Shikodō’s Current Projects

Shikodō are passionate on working on new projects across the world to empower others. With your support, many souls have been touched. Their project work is with: disabilities, mental health, refugees, people who have lacked opportunity due to lack of education, employment opportunities or poverty, and emerging communities.

The stories shared are inspiring and have brought tears of happiness to many people. 

1. South Sudan & Uganda

After nine years of civil war South Sudan is struggling to emerge as a nation with the people severely mentally and physically traumatized, lacking food, health and basic needs.  The United Nations has recognized that without people feeling empowered they will continue to live lives of poverty and desperation.  One aspect that has not been addressed is that of helping people develop psychological skills and a growth mindset. It is in this area that Shikodo has taken the initiative.

In November 2020, in partnership with the South Sudanese Cultural Development Agency of Uganda, Shikodo conducted Coach and Mentor training in the Cloud Thinking MethodTM for nine community development workers working with young persons, women and children in isolated villages as well as refugee camps in Uganda.

In 2021 this work will continue in training youth peer mentors in leadership skills, conflict management and growth mindset.

2. Trauma Centre in Uganda

Last year a refugee support worker met a newly arrived refugee woman with her two small boys who had escaped persecution in Eritrea.  Her name is Mona.  The support worker was surprised that Mona was a professional Psychologist. Mona and her two boys had faced severe and unspeakable hardship and trauma.  Mona was eventually referred to Shikodo.  We soon discovered that Mona had a depth of cultural knowledge with verifiable qualifications and while medical practitioners are present in the refugee camps, psychologists are scarce and desperately needed. Mona has completed the Cloud Thinking Method training under challenging conditions. Internet has been poor quality and feeding her two boys has been critical.  Shikodo has worked to empower and upskill Mona to commence a Trauma and Education Centre for refugees.  

3. Sydney, Australia

What do you do when a person challenged with cerebral palsy and wheelchair- bound wants to study for a Certificate II in Retail Management with Online TAFE so that she could be like other Australians and have a meaningful job yet has enormous difficulty typing and has such low self-esteem and at the same time was told by her disability support manager that such a dream was not reasonable?  At Shikodo we do not see impossibility. We are Specialist Coaches who work to help those on the edges achieve their dreams.

This, however, was a project that required special skills. We needed someone who had heaps of patience and above all knew how to navigate the TAFE online system. It happened we were working with a young woman who had been a refugee from South Sudan and who was challenged with depression and as a result had dropped out of her TAFE course.  It was a long shot, but we asked Janet if she would like to be Franca’s Coach. She said ‘yes’! We upskilled Janet with training in disability and at the same time Coaching and Mentoring skills.  We were able, through a generous donation, pay Janet to be Franca’s coach and ‘hands’.  Before long both of them were   moving steadily through the course.  As of writing this, Franca has almost completed her course with only five assignments to go.  Janet’s depression lifted rapidly as she had found purpose. Further Janet had become so inspired by the work in skills coaching that she felt encouraged to go back to TAFE to do a course in Community Services with the ambition of later studying Social Work! 

Two persons from two different backgrounds in need yet becoming empowered and helping each other achieve.  Shikodo disrupts the status quo and helps its clients change how they think. This is our mission and work.

Thank you

With your support, many souls were touched. Your support brought tears and happiness to Mona, a frontline Shikodo key worker, working in Trauma Centre in Uganda as finally she got her Internet paid and can continue her coaching and virtual working with Shikodo in Australia. Mona is just an example of how impactful your contribution has transformed her and many others’ lives. We would love to thank you for your support.